About Us

We love to travel and we hate hassle

Luggageo was born out of the need to travel more freely and get the most out of our travels. We are avid travelers who love to explore and to learn as much as we can about the local culture of each destination.
We ourselves have often been stranded in an airport or a café having to guard our luggage. Wanting to be freer, we combined our expertise in Tourism, Product Design and Software Development to create an easy-to-use and nice-to-look-at service.

Today our neighborhood, Tomorrow the World

We want to travel the world, and we want Luggageo to be there when we need it. This is why we have developed a platform that can be easily used by anyone to list their place for hosting. Our dream is to be able to offer a service in which luggage storage will be the excuse to get together with locals, use their own services and products and learn more about their culture.

Right now, we offer luggage storage locations in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities around Greece.