Why should I become a Host?

Make extra money

Take advantage of your spare space and get commission for each luggage you host, providing the least amount of effort.

Advertise your business

Use Luggageo's platform to advertise your business to thousands of travellers, without extra cost.

Sell more of your products

By offering your products to more travellers, either online or on spot, you increase your revenue.

Join us without risks!


Registration is free and non-binding

It costs nothing to register and you can always opt out if you are not happy with our service.


You have the right to check every luggage

The hosts have the right to ask the travellers to open their luggage, so they can check that its contents are compatible with Luggageo's terms.


Every suitcase is secured

Our insurance partner guarantees a refund to travelers for every bag that is damaged or lost for an amount up to 200 €.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luggageo is a sharing economy platform that allows travelers to store their luggage in nearby shops, hotels, luggage storage establishments and other businesses so that they can fully enjoy their day around the city.

You can visit the Become a host page and fill in your Listing information. Once submitted, your listing will be reviewed by our team and be published in 24 hours' time.

You get a commission per luggage per day, so the more bags you store the more you earn. On average, people will store 3 bags per booking. By receiving 3 bookings per day you can have an extra income of an estimated 500 euros per month. On top of this you can cross-sell your own products, thus increasing your business revenue.

All luggage is insured by us at the time of the booking. All you have to do is make sure that each luggage has been booked through Luggageo in order to be eligible for a refund.

As much as you can provide. You can offer space for just 1 bag and when it is booked our system will automatically show your space as full until it gets freed. However, we do recommend using more space in order to be able to make a substantial income.

There isn't a minimum amount of time for the Hosts to be available. However, the more time a Host is available the more possible it is for a traveller to select them.

Not at all. All payments are made online and handled by our Payments partner. The amount you deserve will be automatically transfered to the account you have declared.

Yes, Luggageo is available everywhere. All you have to do is input your place's address when you register as a host and travellers around you will be able to choose your place to store their luggage.