Best places to party in Athens

Athens is a vibrant capital that never sleeps. Having more than 300 sunny days around a year, lot of the day’s heat carries on into the night, causing Athenians and travellers to «make the night a day» (greek expression).

We’ve gathered the best places to party in Athens, where people go to drink the bore away and dance until the early hours. Whether you leave very early from Athens or have arrived very late, you can always leave your bags at a Luggageo host and party the night away!


1. Cantina Social

Often referred to as simply «Cantina», this place has been a steady hit for the Athens indie crowd since 2006. A small place that resembles a cantina, with a large multilevel outdoor space where people chill out before or after dancing.


2. Crust

What is better than a slice of pizza? Well, besides two slices of pizza that is…Pizza and dancing of course! This newly founded pizzeria has been referred to by many as the best pizza you can get in downtown Athens. Now, imagine getting it at 5 a.m. after a night of dancing in Crust’s groovy basement.

3. Six Dogs

A classic choice for clubbers and party-goers in Athens, Six Dogs is also one multi-level culture hub where you can chill out with a coffee at its beautiful garden, watch a concert in the gig space, or attend an exhibition by upcoming artists. Friday and Saturday nights though is when gig space turns into one of the best clubs in town, where people dance until early morning.


4. Cinderella

Located in Kolonaki, one of the Greek capital’s poshest areas, newly arrived Cinderella discotheque has emerged to fill a void to all people nostalgic of late 70’s – early 80’s. In this narrow club you can have your drink while grooving in one of the most instagram-friendly dancefloors you’ll ever see.

5. Ela Na Sou Po

The most underground choice of our list and one of the yet best-kept secrets of the Athenian nightlife. “Ela na sou po” is located in the up and coming area of Metaxourgio and in its premises you can find local artists drinking among taxi drivers or tourists that stay in the nearby “Stanley” hotel. Music here is one of the best you can hear around Athens, often selected by local band members and artists.

Ela na sou po
“Ela na sou po” crowd