Welcome to our Blog

Since the first days of Luggageo we knew we wanted to start a blog. Travelling is sharing experiences with friends, locals and people back home, so what better way to share these beautiful moments than broadcasting them to the whole world?

When we travel, whether we taste the most delicious Ramen in Osaka, climbing the Kilimanjaro or enjoying the view from Villa Borghese in Rome, in the back of our heads there is always the thought «I can’t wait to tell people back home». Well, we can’t wait to tell you either, so sit back and enjoy this beautiful ride with us. We will be sharing tips on where to get the best food, see the most energetic concerts and enjoy the most hidden gems of any destination.

Of course, we want us with you in this wanderlust roller-coaster (wander-coaster?). Send us any tips you have, share your experiences with us or just a selfie of you with a dolphin near the Cretan coasts. It will definitely make our day better! 🙂

Travel free!

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