Yes, there are awesome places to leave your luggage in Athens!

We know the feeling. You have a busy day on holiday but you have to carry your luggage around. How can you explore the best the city has to offer when you are stranded with heavy bags? Worry no more fellow traveler! Luggageo is here for the rescue!

We have boarded some of the most fabulous places in Athens, when you can leave your luggage but also enjoy some of their great services! Check them out!


TYCO stands for “Take Your Cocktail Out”. This is exactly what we invite you to do! Choose one of our signature cocktails, long drinks or Detox Mocktails, take it with you and explore our beautiful city. Stroll through the streets, find hidden spots. Let yourself be carried away by the unique vibrancy of Athens while you enjoy a delicious cocktail! TYCO is not just a bar, it is a starting point! Walk out the door with a cocktail in your hand and immerse yourself in the city. Cocktail service kicks off at 12 pm. Make your day and night as exciting as it gets!


This local cafe offers amazing breakfast, lunch and extraordinary cocktails! Just a few minutes walk from Syntagma and Plaka, it’s sure to make your day easier in the center of Athens!

Onion Athens

Onion Athens is a place, where learning to cook traditional Greek recipes is approached differently: where the focus is on learning by doing, using what you have, what’s in season; most importantly, by following true, traditional recipes the exact way we were taught by our Greek mothers and grandmothers. We offer a truly hands-on cooking experience combined with a fun dinner party environment. Just like getting an invitation from a local Greek friend! We have a Greek coffee with friends in the morning, take a walk to the Athens Central Market to choose fresh ingredients for our recipes, we greet you with ouzo and meze, we enjoy the meal we cooked with great geek wine, and, of course, with the sounds of Greek music. At Onion Athens you learn the art of cooking greek meals, from the very first cut to the very last taste.

Neon Raum

A creative space in the center of Athens. Showroom for up and coming designers and a meeting point for creatives, Neon Raum is an open platform based on the idea of collaboration.

Syd Records

Syd Records is an independent record store in Athens. Opened in May 2016 by a team of artists, musicians and audiophiles it is focused on the booming Greek alternative scene and offers vinyl from Greek and International artists, t-shirts, record players, accessories, merch, books, concert tickets and more.

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