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Enjoy Mykonos without the hassle of luggage

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Nothing ruins travel like having to lug your bags around. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through Mykonos every Summer and many face a common question: where can I drop my luggage off in Mykonos? Why carry your bags around when you can enjoy the Cycladic sun and sea? Mykonos is a great place to relax but also party and luggage can’t be a part of this 😓

Where can I leave my luggage in Mykonos?

Mykonos is one of the world’s most famous islands. Don’t carry your bags around when you enjoy the beauties of this beatiful greek island 🎒

Store your baggage in Mykonos with Luggageo!

Luggageo was born out of the need to travel more freely and get the most out of our travels. We are avid travelers who love to explore and to learn as much as we can about the local culture of each destination. 
We ourselves have often been stranded in an airport or a café having to guard our luggage. Wanting to be freer, we created Luggageo.

How does it work?

1. Book your host

Search for a host nearby using our map tool. Hosts are different types of shops and businesses, so you can pick one that also fills your needs of the day. Pay for your reservation online, prior to dropping off your bags. Hosts will not accept your luggage if you haven’t completed your booking through Luggageo.

2. Drop your bags

Drop your bags at the address that you have been provided by Luggageo. During drop-off you will be requested to show your reservation number and your personal ID in order to verify your identity. Hosts have the right to ask you to open your luggage in order to verify that all contents are compatible with Luggageo’s terms.

3. Enjoy the island!

Enjoy the city luggage-free, knowing that your bags are safe at one of our Hosts. When you come back to collect your luggage, you will be asked to show your reservation id again in order to collect your bags.

Need luggage storage in Mykonos? These are some of the most popular areas around the island. 👉

To see a full list of our Mykonos hosts and a map, click here. 👈Mykonos rooms, Mykonos hotels, Mykonos beaches, Mykonos parties

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